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TRANCE- the trip into your mind!


There are always two of them.

They hail from Berlin.

They see into your head:


Telepathy, hypnosis, psychomagic,


and surreal ART NOIR animations.


You'll go on a psychedelic trip inside your mind.

TRANCE was shown successfully over 4 years regularly at Katerholzig, Wintergarten and Admiralspalast in Berlin. But also on Tour  allover in Germany. 

At TRANCE - Paranormal Theatre you will experience altered states of consciousness—even without the use of any substances!


The show TRANCE is not simply a show. It is an intimate evening spent exploring and unveiling the invisible.

Every audience member will influence the direction of the performance—your innermost thoughts and wishes will be unearthed. Together, you will encounter paranormal moments, inexplicable and unexperienced by anyone else.


TRANCE introduces you to a secret world and the silent, tender unknown. Come and celebrate with us!






The press about TRANCE


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