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Roman von Thurau and Vivian Sommer met first time in autumn 2000. They soon found out that they share the same passion for secrets, poetry and above all for mindreading, telepathy and all kinds of mystic phenomena. Since 2001 they show psychic experiments all over the world: Festivals in Bahrain, USA, Monaco and on german and Swiss TV, at the german embassy in New Delhi and Washington and they showed their full evening shows at Admiralspalast, Wintergarten and Katerholzig in Berlin such as all over Germany.


Roman von Thurau

„Roman von Thurau who twists people‘s thoughts – who makes them believe what they are feeling and thinking. And if you believe he does not know what it is you are thinking then you were mistaken!“ (Berliner Morgenpost) 

Vivian Sommer

„And she, Vivian - it is astounding how she knows the name of the mother or first girlfriend of a randomly picked guest, and how blindfolded, she can specify the contents of any arbitrarily picked bag. A skill she declares to have learnt from her native Brazilian nanny. Amazing!“ (Zitty Berlin)



"I have an old fascination for secrets in general. After a short attempt to live a bourgeois life—including earning a masters in psychology, which was rather tiring—I then dedicated my life to secret sciences. I learned magic arts from a Polish master who never stopped smoking. At the same time, I trained in martial arts (including a karate black belt) and learned NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] and hypnosis. Berlins nightlife and the crazy creatures I've met within it taught me to read the finest expressions in faces. A fact that makes me very happy is that people well-rooted in the 21st century still have the capacity to let themselves be seduced by the mysterious!"



"As a child, I thought adults were strange. Their moods seemed capricious, and their reactions had no obvious cause. In order to feel safe in this ever changing environment, I started to see 'behind' things. My nanny Zézé taught me how to know what was going on with people long before they even knew. I learned to read the most seemingly insignificant signs in people—their breath, their movements, a tiny twitch of the eye, their smell. I would know what was going on in a persons mind when his cheek or ears turned red or when his nose went pale. I was constantly sensing, like an animal. This empathy first became a habit and later my vocation."

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