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If you are looking for intelligent entertainment in style:



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Roman von Thurau and Vivian specialise in performing at elegant corporate events in Germany and the world. Ever flexible, they have cultivated and perfected their act at countless international events, TV appearances and guest performances in the most renowned European theatres. In the past twelve years Sonambul has developed made-to-order presentations primarily for clients in the finance, media and IT sectors.
Roman von Thurau and Vivian ensure their audience be entertained multilingually, at the highest level. It is understod that the standard will always stay within the realm of good taste and that the spectators will have an inspiring topic of conversation after the show.

The duration of the show is between 8 and 90 minutes according to requirements.

Roman von Thurau and Vivian play strikingly with the minds of their audience. The combination of humour, lightning speed drawings and unique mindreading stunts turns the world of their audience on its head. True to the motto: „Science begins to get interesting just where it ends!“

( Justus von Liebig)

„Roman von Thurau who twists people‘s thoughts – who makes them believe what they are feeling and thinking. And if you believe he does not know what it is you are thinking then you were mistaken!“

(Berliner Morgenpost) 

„And she, Vivian - it is astounding how she knows the name of the mother or first girlfriend of a randomly picked guest, and how blindfolded, she can specify the contents of any arbitrarily picked bag. A skill she declares to have learnt from her native Brazilian nanny. Amazing!“

(Zitty Berlin)

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Sonambul hosted the spectacular SANOSTRA show ‘Let’s Face It’ dedicated to intercultural dialogue. Held in the sold out Manama City Hall for two consecutive nights, this venue entertained a capacity audience of 1800 people. The evening was based on an attentive consideration for the host’s culture and was interwoven with Middle Eastern magical tradition. It evoked a touching ambience and an array of topics for conversation.



Volkswagen invited its top-50 traders of 2011 to Marrakesh. In an enchanting setting and laid-back atmosphere the closing act was VW’s way of saying thank you for an outstanding performance.
The challenge: to wow the predominantly male and fact-based work-sector with telepathic experiments and poetry of the Orient.
The key: to combine feminine charm and quirky humour with a close-fitting dress (Vivian). Add taking things lightly and involving the audience (Roman von Thurau) in a show that has evolved in hundreds of variety performances all over the world.



A global IT leader invites a small circle of its most valued clients (30 people) to an exclusive stay in Madrid. The weekend culminates in the gala performance in the magnificent Palacio de Linares. The rumours of spooky episodes in this historic building provide a fitting segway to Sonambul. An integral part of this production was to gracefully interact with the illustrious guests and to provide an elegant demonstration of telepathy – to which the IT-sector has an elevated inclination. And so, a particular thought rattled around the analytical minds and conversations for the rest of the night:

‘How on earth did they do that?’



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