Sonambul -The art of mindreading
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There are always two of them.
They are from Berlin.
They see into your head.
Telepathy, Hypnosis, Mindgames -
They will keep you awake !

Roman von Thurau and Vivian play strikingly with the minds of their audience. The combination of humour, lightning speed drawings and unique mindreading stunts turns the world of their audience on its head. True to the motto: „Science begins to get interesting just where it ends!“ ( Justus von Liebig)

„Roman von Thurau who twists people‘s thoughts – who makes them believe what they are feeling and thinking. And if you believe he does not know what it is you are thinking then you were mistaken!“ (Berliner Morgenpost)

„And she, Vivian - it is astounding how she knows the name of the mother or first girlfriend of a randomly picked guest, and how blindfolded, she can specify the contents of any arbitrarily picked bag. A skill she declares to have learnt from her native Brazilian nanny. Amazing!“ (Zitty Berlin)